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We Hold Up Half the Sky for You

For small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups, we know your world has two spheres:  One of technology development, product innovation and customer services; the other of strategic planning, clientele building, bid and proposal writing, contract compliance, and operations management. 


While you hold up the technical sky, we hold up your operational sky.   

The HUHTS staff has invested more than 25 years in capture management, including:

· Bid and proposal development and preparation

· Contract negotiation and administration

· The entire life cycle of a business operation

We are experienced in working with engineers, technical innovators and scientific researchers, under federal and state government procurement and commercial contracting environment, and in international business transactions. We are intimately familiar with business growing pains. We honed our skills from consulting for business operations of various sizes and industries. We look for smart, inexpensive, and speedy solutions to address those pain points align with your company’s long term objective.

Call us at 217-898-9144 or email us at to start a conversation about how we can hold up half the sky for you. 

How We Help You

You can rely our more than 25 years of experience in contract management to help you capture government and commercial contracts, run an effective operation, comply with contract terms and regulations, satisfy your customers and meet your profit goals.

You can rely on our expertise in Pursuing Government Contracts

  • You will gain confidence and increase win probabilities in your pursuit of government contracts with our knowledge and experience in federal and state government procurement. We dispel the mystery surrounding government contracting so you are not overwhelmed or intimidated by its complexity. 

  • You can count on our familiarity and experience in federal government acquisition regulations such as FAR, DFARS, and more than 30 states’ agency requirements and practices to guide you through unfamiliar territories of proposal development and contract management.  We walk with you hand-in-hand through the entire contracting process.

  • We help you analyze your RFP requirements, plan your proposal action items, assist your teaming strategy and proposal approach decision, coordinate proposal activities with internal and external teams, provide cost and price strategy guidance, verify your legal compliance, perform quality control on the final proposal, and coordinate your  debriefing.

  • We help you mitigate project risk based on contract risk types including FFP, T&M, CPFF, CPAF, CPIF, LOE/LH, FFP/task order. We help you build long term contractual relationships with the federal government through contract vehicles such as IDIQ and GSA schedule.

  • We assist you in building your internal cost management procedures to comply with government requirements and contract terms.

You can depend on our experience in Managing Your Operations 

  • You can rely on our experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts with your clients (government or commercial), in price, cost and profit, delivery and schedule.  

  • We prepare and negotiate for you subcontracts, teaming agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and confidentiality agreements, all consistent with your company policies and project objectives.

  • We manage your contracts and subcontracts from cradle to grave, or support your existing staff where and when necessary.

  • You can rely on us as a confidant and sounding board for ideas and thoughts, doubts and concerns. We help you think through  strategic effort, teaming alliance, and operational logistics.

  • When the time is right for you to consider exploring the biggest market in the world, China, we assist you with our cultural sensitivity, communication ability, knowledge of the business and legal systems of both countries, and valuable network, to build bridges for you.

Why Choose Us

We worked on different challenges across different aspects of a business operation. This wide exposure taught us how business development, proposal preparation, contract management and project execution interact with and impact each other and other supporting functions. Therefore, we are able to use thoughtful and holistic approaches to a task in any segment of an operation without creating difficulties or conflicts for other supporting functions.

  •  We are a hands-on partner with you. We don’t give advice and walk away, leaving you alone to do the real work. We roll up our sleeves, burn the midnight oil with you, do whatever it takes to see your project to completion.

  • You can use our service on a project basis to supplement your existing staff, or in a long term commitment to fulfill a missing link in your operation.

  • You can lead an effort, or let us lead it, depending on the strength of the team members to accomplish the objective.

  • You will find us to be open-minded in approaching an issue. We take into consideration different perspectives. We listen to you, learn from you, and adopt your culture and goals in solutions that are well-coordinated with your accounting practice, legal compliance and financial and contractual objectives.

  • You will benefit from our wide exposure to different industries and projects. We build solutions for you based on our broad spectrum of knowledge and consulting experience in business capturing, budgeting, contract management, project management, operations management and international business transactions. 

  • We also leverage our experience built on varieties of engineering research and service contracts, software contracts, and construction contracts from U.S. Federal, state and local governments, commercial companies, and international public and private entities.

  • You can use our “Proposal’s 7 Deadly Sins”, a comprehensive Do’s and Don’ts guideline, to help you develop and prepare business proposals to potential clients so your proposal is clear, complete, persuasive, and winning.

  • You will be supported not only by our expertise but also by our strong reach-back professional consulting community as additional resources. If we do not have the answer, we will find the answer.

  • We work with you regardless the size of your company.  We have served engineering companies large and small, including 8(a) firms, women, minority, and veteran owned businesses, scientific research entities, technology startups, and individual consultants.

Contact us 217-898-9144 or to start a conversation on how we can hold up half the sky for you. 

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